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Information about hearings

Upcoming hearings, outcomes and information for social workers, witnesses, representatives and journalists. 

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Social workers

This guidance is for social workers who have had a concern raised against them that is going to a hearing.

View the guidance for social workers
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This guidance is for people giving evidence at a hearing, either for us or in support of the social worker's defence.

View the guidance for witnesses

Hearing listings and decisions

View upcoming hearing listings and decisions
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This guidance is for representatives of social workers at fitness to practise hearings.

View the guidance for representatives

Support for people involved in fitness to practise proceedings

If you need support, including financial, legal and emotional, these organisations may be able to help you.

View list of support organisations

Detailed guidance

View all guidance

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Reporting on hearings

More information about reporting on hearings and what you can and cannot do.

View information for journalists
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