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Guidance on pre-hearing case management

Pre-hearing case management

The purpose of pre-hearing case management is to facilitate the effective and efficient running of fitness to practise panel hearings.

From receipt of a concern, Social Work England will take a tailored approach to investigation which is fair and proportionate. Case streaming will be used where appropriate to maximise the potential for suitable and efficient progression of investigations. As a result, many cases considered by Social Work England’s case examiners will have already been investigated thoroughly and, should the case examiners refer the case to a hearing, the evidence relied upon at the hearing is unlikely to change significantly.

Hearings are effective and efficient when they run to schedule, have minimal downtime, and hear witnesses at prearranged time slots to minimise wait time. Effectiveness also relies upon hearings being completed within the listing, without adjourning part heard and requiring a further listing for completion. This all helps ensure that cases are completed as quickly as possible, in the interests of all the parties and participants.

View or download the pre-hearing case management guidance

Last updated: 26 November 2019