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Guidance for social workers

Fitness to practise guide

This guidance explains our approach at Social Work England to carrying out fitness to practise investigations.

How we use personal information

This guidance explains the circumstances in which we share information outside Social Work England, and what we do to keep the disclosure of personal data to a minimum.

Guidance on hearings

This document is for social workers who have had an allegation made against them that is proceeding to a hearing.

Suspended social workers

This document provides guidance to social workers that have been substantively suspended as part of Social Work England’s fitness to practise process.

Equality and diversity

This policy outlines Social Work England’s legal obligations with regards to equality and diversity as well as a reasonable adjustment process at fitness to practise hearings.

Glossary of terms

Our glossary of terms is intended to help provide consistency across our different formal decision making stages in our fitness to practise process.

Conditions bank

This document outlines the wording that should be used when drafting conditions and should be read in conjunction with our glossary of terms and sanctions guidance.

Sanctions guidance

Our fitness to practise powers enable us to deliver our overarching objective through proportionate sanctions where an individual social worker’s fitness to practise is impaired.

Self-represented social workers

This guidance is intended to help unrepresented social workers to understand what to expect at hearings.

Conduct of representatives

This document sets out the circumstances and factors which may lead a panel of adjudicators to exclude a representative (or other person) from fitness to practise proceedings.

Voluntary removal

This guidance sets out how we will manage a request for voluntary removal from the register in circumstances where there are ongoing fitness to practise proceedings.

Health concerns

This guidance explains when we might need to investigate whether a social worker’s fitness to practise is impaired because of ill health.

Early reviews

This guidance explains when a final order may be reviewed early and how the review is done.