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Emina Atic-Lee

National Advisory Forum member

Emina Atic-Lee

Emina is a social worker and currently works in the NHS as a service manager, overseeing children and young people’s mental health services. Prior to her current role, Emina was a team manager, overseeing work with looked after children in Surrey. Over 20 years of her social work career, Emina has worked in 3 different local authorities, starting her career as a social worker in Bristol and South Gloucestershire and then becoming an independent reviewing officer and a child protection chair in Surrey.

Emina gained her experience in strategic planning working in Surrey’s quality assurance team for 5 years. Emina has active links with University of Kingston, where she has been a guest lecturer for the last 14 years. Emina has a strong commitment to supporting social workers so that they can become resilient and confident in their work with children, young people and their families.

Emina’s personal experience of becoming a young unaccompanied refugee in the UK at the age of 17 has shaped her belief that, with the right support, young people can be helped to overcome their challenges and excel in whatever they want to achieve.

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