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Policies and procedures

Our policies and procedures, including recruitment, equality and diversity, financial, data and information, complaints and board policies.

Equality and Diversity

This policy sets out both our legal requirement and our organisational commitment to equality and diversity.

Experts by experience

This policy ensures consistency regarding the reimbursement of expenses and issuing of involvement payments to our experts by experience.

Whistleblowing policy

Whistleblowing is where a worker reports a wrongdoing in the public interest to their employer or a relevant organisation. This is commonly referred to as ‘blowing the whistle.’


Our corporate complaints policy outlines the approach we will take in response to feedback and complaints received from those who use our services.

Data protection policy

We are committed to protecting the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, with regards to the processing of personal data and their right to have their privacy respected.

Freedom of Information procedure

A step-by-step guide to the freedom of information process and what you must do if you receive one.


Our recruitment policy and procedure outlines our commitment and process to ensure equality of opportunity in recruitment, selection, promotion and all other areas of employment.

Commercial policy

This policy provides the rules and processes for all procurement activity within our organisation.

Anti-fraud policy

Our anti-fraud policy sets out our policy with regards to fraud and other forms of dishonesty.

Board code of conduct

The code of conduct for our board members provides guidance on the responsibilities and standards of conduct expected of all board members.

Board declaration of interest and resolution of conflicts policy

Guidance on recognising and disclosing activities that might give rise to conflicts of interest or the perception of conflicts.

Prosecution policy

We have the power to bring private prosecutions for a number of offences set out in the Social Workers Regulations 2018.

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