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Why equality, diversity and inclusion matter to us

We believe that the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion are central to our work as an effective regulator and employer.

Our values and why equality, diversity and inclusion matter to us

Last updated: 22 February 2021

We believe that the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion are central to our work as an effective regulator and employer. They are inherent in our values, which are to be fearless, independent, transparent, ambitious, collaborative, and to act with integrity.

As a regulator that prides itself on building positive relationships, we strive to ensure that anyone who engages with us finds it easy to do so, and feels they are supported and treated fairly, with dignity and respect.

Engagement and co-production

We are an organisation rooted in the principles of engagement and co-production; with the social work profession, key stakeholders, and those with lived experience of social work. It is critical that we remove any barriers to that engagement and co-production.

Co-production is key to what we do because it's how we root the work of the regulator in the experience of those who work in the profession and those who are supported by it.

Social work is a unique profession because it has a profound impact on those who encounter it. As a result, there is a huge amount of passion and motivation to make the profession the best it can be.

We have a responsibility to make our work relevant and accessible to those it impacts. Co-production is the key to that, and the National Advisory Forum is the vehicle we have created to make this happen.

Creating a diverse and inclusive culture

We recognise the diversity of the social work profession and the people who receive support from social workers. We believe that building a diverse workforce that is equipped to support people to improve their chances in life will help to maintain and build trust and confidence in us, both as a regulator and an employer.

People from different backgrounds and with different experiences provide us with fresh ideas, broader perspectives, and insights into needs and challenges. We believe that working in a diverse team helps broadens everyone’s horizons, making for a more innovative and stimulating place to work.

The more diverse we are, the greater the talent that we have and the better organisation we can be. That’s why as an employer, we’re committed to creating an inclusive culture, in which people from all backgrounds and abilities can reach their full potential and bring their whole selves to work.

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